Guided solo retreats for women
DreamWorkshops for small groups

Maskan Aat is available for dreamers, seekers, artists… wishing to retreat into nature and into themselves, and to work on something. The dwelling place is located in the south of the Netherlands in the Limburg region, on a hectare in a little enchanted forest, with cats and dogs and chickens, gardens and herbs, and many kinds of birds. My husband and I tend and share the land with Maskan; our home is across a little bridge. Both of us writers, we value privacy and quiet. A swimming pool is on the property and by the fall of 2023 there will also be a sauna. Walking/cycling paths just across the street into a nature reserve.
Guided session take place in the yurt and in the forest/garden.

Lana Nasser

is your facilitator and host (that’s me) offering psycho-spiritual guidance, dreamwork and mythological exploration, embodiment and movement, breathing, dancing/whirling, dream-theater, guided visualisation and journeying, shamanistic and nature-centric practices.
Lana is certified dreamworker with a masters in consciousness studies and a bachelors in Psychology and art. She is an author and multi-disciplinary performing artists. A bee person, she’s also the resident baker & cook.

“Lana doesn’t just teach you about dreams and the dream world, she embodies that world herself. When you are in her magical place in the Limburg woods, it is like going through a door and ending up in a new reality. An enchanting world, in which you learn to see your dreams as messages from your soul, which always want to help you grow.” (Saskia S. – Poet)

Maskan: House / abode * Huis/Thuis. 
s’k’n’: the root * de stam 
To dwell, settle * betrekken, bewonen
Soekoen: stillness, silence * stilte
sakina: rest, serenity * rust, sereniteit. 
Sakina: the feminine manifestation of the divine.

Solo women’s retreats

One on one sessions.
Solitary time.
Home made meals: vegetarian, healthy, seasonal.
As much herbal teas that you can pick and brew.
Accommodations: a Mongolian yurt. Kitchenette & Bathroom in separate building.
Swimming. Sauna.

If this resonates, send me an e-mail to schedule an intake interview of 20-30 minutes. Online. Free of charge.

Duration of retreat: 3-5 days.
Investment: €1,700 – €2,500
(partial work-exchange possible)

DreamWork retreats

For self-selected groups [2 – 5] who want to work on/with/from their dreams of sleep and waking, learning to decipher symbols, and seeking guidance in nature.
For three days and two nights we engulf ourselves in the world of dreams and dreaming. We’ll work on incubation, enhancing dream-recall, consulting the oracle of dreams, reading the stories our psyche is telling us and playing with the dream-plot. More here about DREAMWORK

The weekend includes
* Group sessions of dream-sharing and dreamworking (14+ hrs)
* Individual deepening exercises.
* Gardening meditations.
* Time to journal and sleep.
* Home made vegetarian meals, and as much herbal teas that you can pick and brew.

3 Days / 2 Nights. € 750 pp

* Contact me if interested.

An experience:

“What the dream wekend brought me was beyond expectations. The deeper layers in my dreams became more and more visible and gave more and more insight into what my soul wants to tell me. Very special to start working with the dreams in different ways and with a lot of respect. Lana is a beautiful and expressive woman who inspires and pampers her guests. The weekend was about dreams, but it also felt like a dream. A fairytale environment, a special energy and beautiful people. I would like to come back again.” (Janneke H., Coach)

Group Accommodations

Luxe six-person canvas tent with mattresses.

Private bathroom and kitchenette in separate building.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to bring your own tent or camper and set it up on the terrain. Fees to be discussed.


Solo retreat … for whom?

Perhaps you are contemplating a large life-move.
Perhaps there’s a dream (or a series of dreams) you want to explore.
Perhaps you’re working on a project that you need new insight into.
Perhaps you want to face your shadows and fears and transform them into allies.
Perhaps you are wanting to define your purpose on this planet.
Perhaps you need to remember who you are, your dreams, your highest potential.
Perhaps you want to write a poem or make a dance.. or just be with nature and converse with Psyche.
You are welcome at MaskanAat