Maskan (Arabic * Arabisch): House / abode* Huis/Thuis. 
s’k’n’: the root * de stam 
To dwell, settle * betrekken, bewonen
Soekoen: stillness, silence * stilte
sakina: rest, serenity * rust, sereniteit. 
Sakina: the feminine manifestation of the divine…

Solo retreat for women

Maskan Aat is available for women (artists, dreamers, seekers) wishing to retreat into nature and into themselves, and to work on something. The dwelling place is located in the south of the Netherlands in the Limburg region, in a little enchanted forest, with cats and dogs and chickens and many kinds of birds.

The retreat is tailored to your needs. It includes room & board, one-on-one sessions with Lana Nasser, including psycho-spiritual practice of movement, breath, hot and cold exposures, fasting, dreamwork, whirling, tending nature, and possible sessions with the bees. These are some of the offerings, each person will need different things.

Perhaps you are working on a project that you need new insight into.
Perhaps you are contemplating a large life-move.
Perhaps you want to face your shadows and fears and transform them into allies
Perhaps you are wanting to define your purpose on this planet
Perhaps you just need to remember who you are, your dreams, and your highest potential.
Perhaps you want to write a poem or make a dance.. or just be with nature, converse with Psyche.
You are welcome at MaskanAat

If this calls to you, be in touch, and we’ll talk details and costs (or work exchange.)

More information will follow as the website develops.