Aat Creations * آت

Telling stories
on the page
the stage
& the sound-waves


Helping others to tell their own

Writer in three languages * Multi disciplinary performing & voice-artist * Dreamworker 


Re-membering the sacred feminine
Restoring the balance between self, other and nature

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Spoken & Sung
In English, Dutch and some Arabic Spice.
At the Re-Nature podium 19 & 20th May 2024, 17:30
@ Vurige Tongen Festival in Ruigoord Amsterdam.

“Homo Homini Lupus: Exploring Aggression through dreams

An an immersive dream sharing experience & improvised performance at Night in the Library, Brooklyn, NYC 16th March 2024.

In collaboration with Kelly Bulkeley, PhD, and artist Alisa Minyukova of TheDreamMappingPorject
& Michael Feigenbaum/LookAtMyBeat

Holy land of peace

Envisioning a way forward. A manifesto in the making by dissident daughter of the patriarchy. Explorations, reflections and anecdotes. An invitation to dream the impossible: Healing the heart of the Middle East.

Substack publication by Bint Ibrahim. At least one entry per month. Visit the site to read and subscribe:


From within the darkness

A short play about a solar paradise that’s running out of battery, and a battery dump that’s running out of oxygen. About the overload of misinformation and our insatiable hunger for energy that has depleted the sun. And about the one voice being joined by the many, from within the darkness, calling the sun back with our song. (LanaNasser, 2003)

The play has been performed during Climate Change Theatre Action Festival 2023. More info @ClimateChangeTheaterAction

ألف ليلة وليلة: الموسم الثامن
One thousand and one nights: 8th season on SOWT podcasts

Voice-Performing the leading role Dalila, a woman sly as a fox. The story of Dalila is further delved into in the BONUS with subscription. 

SOWT: ألف ليلة وليلة

Shabby and the essence of the rainbow

In my ideal reality, I am always barefoot, hands in the soil, listening to the stories that the trees tell, to the songs of the bees. Fable writing is a great passion of mine. It almost feels like cheating – for everything wants to tell its story, if only we listen. My first book (in dutch) was a fable, published – unlucky@ 2020 shutdown. The book is alive and well however, with wonderful drawings by Isabella al-Hasan. More about it the book here (In Dutch) Shabby en het wezen van de regenboog.


More soon

* Aat (Arabic suffix) renders nouns plural feminine. 
It is the collective feminine – beyond gender.
The feminine principle: Aneeth: the soft, malleable, forgiving.
Aat (as a verb) forthming, on its way.

Aat creations: Honouring the feminine voice and giving her a platform. Read more about Aat Story

Lana I. Nasser / Aat Creations KVK: 63378485
Maskan@ * AatTheater 

Cave photo & images in video by Kristof Persyn