Aat* آت

Re-membering the sacred feminine
Restoring the balance between self, other and nature

Writing * Performing * Facilitating
Dreaming * Bee-ing


My play
From Within the Darkness
written for Climate Change Theatre Action 2023 has been performed by Theatro Technis in Camden, London, The Bulmershe Theatre at the University of Reading (UK), The Bush School’s Benaroya Theater in Seattle, WA, and in an apartment in Baltimore, MD, USA.
More info @ClimateChangeTheaterAction
A short play about a solar paradise that’s running out of battery, and a battery dump that’s running out of oxygen. About the overload of misinformation and our insatiable hunger for energy that has depleted the sun. And about the one voice being joined by the many, from within the darkness, calling the sun back with our song. (LanaNasser, 2003)


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* Aat (Arabic suffix) renders nouns plural feminine. 
It is the collective feminine – beyond gender.
The feminine principle: Aneeth: the soft, malleable, forgiving.
Aat (as a verb) forthming, on its way.

Aat creations: Honouring the feminine voice and giving her a platform.

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Cave photo & images in video by Kristof Persyn