I started recalling them very young. They were the motivation to go to sleep. In graduate school, I studied them. In everyday life, they became my practice and vocation.

dreams are mirrors

windows into one’s inner workings … the workings of our world. The insight they bring is infinite.

It is my intention to support you in understanding your dreams, be empowered by them, and creatively express them.

There are many ways to work with dreams, I combine several and make up my own. I offer workshops for groups, and one-on-one sessions, utilising archetypal psychology, projective dreamwork methods, guided visualisation, shamanistic practices, dream re-entry, embodiment, dream-theater, and dream synthesis.

from Dreams to Scenes

It was thanks to the re-enactment of a dream in a class that I rediscovered my love for dance and storytelling, thus changed the hat of scholar to performing artist. Since I started tending bees, dreams gained yet another depth – for it turned out the two were deeply connected.

Community of dreamers

I’ve had the privilege over the years of studying and working with leading dream researchers and dream-artists, including Fariba Bogzaran, Kelly Bulkeley, Meredith Sabini, Jeremy Taylor. I attended several conferences by the International Association for the Study of Dreams both as performer and as workshop facilitator and participant, and volunteer… you name it. The dream ball was my favourite. Over the last few years, I’ve been involved with The dream mapping project and enjoying every creation.

dream immersion and enactment

The re-enactment of dreams is a powerful tool, both to generate theatrical material and gain a deeper understanding of the psyche – individually and collectively.┬áIt borders on family constellations, gestalt. Dream theater is suitable for everyone. You don’t have to be a performer or artist to do it, but if you are, then you can also use it to enrich your creative work. The sessions include some theory and dream-practice techniques as well as talk-dream-analysis.

Workshops offered upon request for pre-formed groups (working in English, Arabic or Dutch) anywhere in the world. contact me to discuss. Sometimes I offer workshops at Maskan Aat or other venues – information will be posted about those when scheduled.

Dreams one-on-one

If you’d like me to work with me on your dream(s), it would be a privilege and honour. Let’s talk. Sliding scale, virtual or in-person.

Photos on this page by Kristof Persyn.