Telling stories on the sound waves


Voice over & Narration

More than 20 years of acting and performing arts experience.
Lively & playful character voices   *   Versed in social sciences jargon 

A deep and soulful female voice in three languages and a host of characters

  • Arabic (classical & Levantine)
  • English (standard/international & American & Arab-American)
  • Dutch (with a foreign accent you just can’t place)

To narrate books and documentaries with meaningful content and positive messages. To voice socially and environmentally responsible advertisements and programming. To give voice to unforgettable characters

Professional home studio

Mojave 50
Shure SM7B
Zoom H5

Lana’s voice can be warm like a summer night‘s embrace, full of mystery and beauty, but she can also channel the vulgarity of a street fight full of violence and horror. She is an amazing performer and she will do your work proud.

Laura Langford, GAA Productions 2022
Recent jobs

Audiobook narration [ARABIC]
Ebrah wa kusthubaan (Needle & Thimble) Co-produced with SOW podcast.
Safahat Sowt

The Dream-mapping project [English] – collaboration
Voicing, narrating and at times performing in the flesh (2016-current)
More information about DMP + video clips @ https://thedreammappingproject.com/

English Samples
Character voices
Arabic Samples
Guided meditation
Mixed Demo
Documentary Medley
Mixed demo
Literature Short stories