Telling stories…
on the page, the stage & the sound waves

More than 20 years of acting and performing arts experience.
Lively & playful character voices   *   Versed in social sciences jargon 

A deep and soulful female voice in three languages and a host of characters

  • Arabic (classical & Levantine)
  • English (standard/international & American & Arab-American)
  • Dutch (with a foreign accent you just can’t place)

Professional home studio

Mojave 50
Shure SM7B
Zoom H5

Lana’s voice can be warm like a summer night‘s embrace, full of mystery and beauty, but she can also channel the vulgarity of a street fight full of violence and horror. She is an amazing performer and she will do your work proud.

Laura Langford, GAA Productions 2022
Recent jobs

Audiobook narration [ARABIC]
Ebrah wa kusthubaan (Needle & Thimble) Co-produced with SOW podcast.
Safahat Sowt

The Dream-mapping project [English] – collaboration
Voicing, narrating and at times performing in the flesh (2016-current)
More information about DMP + video clips @ https://thedreammappingproject.com/

English Samples
Character voices
Arabic Samples
Guided meditation
Mixed Demo
Mixed demo
Literature Short stories