Transformation & Creative Expression

A guide…

I design and facilitate workshops for groups and individuals to help them find their own voice, their inherent way of movement and their unique talents. 
I do not teach using a particular system… in fact, I do not ‘teach’ at all – rather … I give tools for discovery and exploration which the participants can apply within the course and beyond. 

From dance and mythology, storytelling, mask-making, acting, screenplay writing, dream-work, self-care, gender equality and human rights education, to inner and outer journeys…
The forms of creative expression are various, but the heart of the work remains the same.

Honouring land and dreams, people and experience.
Exploring myths, symbols, and creative expression to re-imagine the past, re-enchant the present, and envision the future.
Beautifying, harmonizing, and making way for the birth of new ideas.

Facilitating workshops for more than more than two decades, across continents, languages and disciplines.

Clients include: De Nieuwe Oost/Wintertuin, Hof Van Axen, UN Women, UNRWA, Landmark Hotel Amman, The (Jordanian) Royal Film Commission, Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbreit, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Al-Balad Theater, The United World College, and several individuals.

Designing the route & setting the itinerary, creating the space or finding it, guiding… Telling stories and helping others to tell their own.